About Us

The Revival Institute Of Manual Therapy was established in the year 2014. It organizes and conducts courses in Mulligan concept, Manual therapy and other sub specialties of Physiotherapy and fitness. It also offers quality clinical services.

The Revival Institute of Manual therapy is located in the West part of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Our team of physiotherapists are very skilled in diagnosis as well as in delivering the therapy required based on the needs of the clients. We are also updated on the latest clinical updates and the treatment techniques.

Chief Instructor

Jibu George Varghese MPT CMP COMPT MCTA

An avid clinician and a well experienced manual therapist especially in the application of Mulligan concepts. He has a very good result rate with handling clients.

He is an accredited teacher of the Mulligan Concepts. He has been guiding many post graduates in projects of research in manual therapy including in Mulligan Concepts. He is a faculty in Physiotherapy with reputed universities since 2005.

His workshops are based on clinical reasoning on the application of the techniques demonstrated. Currently he organizes and instructs workshops on the Mulligan concepts in India and the nearby countries of the subcontinent