mulligan concept physiotherapy chennai

The Mulligan Concept method of manual therapy was discovered and developed by Brian Mulligan, a physiotherapist from New Zealand. The Mulligan concept has evolved over the years and is today taught as a separate course in various countries by accredited teachers certified in instructing the Mulligan Concept. These techniques are simple in application yet very effective in result. The techniques are also more functional oriented. The courses are conducted in different modules and at different venues. The mulligan concept is practiced by many physiotherapists in India.

The uniqueness of this method of treatment is the painless way in which the treatment is applied and the fast response of the symptoms to the treatment delivered. It can also be in conjunction to other treatment procedures. This method is not just for the therapeutic part but is also an effective diagnostic tool.

We, at Revival institute of manual therapy conduct courses on the Mulligan concept. Our chief instructor, Jibu George Varghese, is an accredited teacher of the Mulligan concept and our courses are also listed with the mulligan international website. For registration to the courses, one may contact the numbers listed below for details and admission to the courses.

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mulligan concept physiotherapist chennai
mulligan concept physiotherapy chennai
mulligan concept physiotherapy coimbatore